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Ouran High School Host Club Character Information


Name (last, first): Catrina Hujanagi (But gets enrolled in Ouran as Catrina Fujioka)

Nickname(s):  Kitty, Cat and Cleo.

Age:  16.

Species: Half-Japanese and Half-Egyptian.

Gender: Female.

Sexual Orientation: Both.

Birthday: 12th July.

Life Story: Catrina is a mix between a Japanese man and an Egyptian woman. Her father Akira met her mother Nephthys when he was on a business trip to Egypt. Akira and Nephthys fell in love and later they had Catrina. Akira wanted Nephthys and Catrina to come with him to Japan but Nephthys rejects saying she wants her daughter to know her ancient family. Akira leaves Egypt saying that if they ever need anything they could call him Nephthys says she doesn't want her daughter to be a rich snob and she needs to learn the normal life of an Egyptian. When Catrina is 7 Nephthys gets a horrible disease that will later kill her. Akira travels back to Egypt to be with his family and after Nephthys death Akira takes Catrina with him back to Japan. Catrina became cold after her mother's death and is very rebel is against others. She is also good friends with Haruhi and after a great fight with her father she moved in with Haruhi and Ranka. She broke all contact with her father after that and hates to talk about him. Haruhi and Catrina later starts on Ouran high school as commoners.

About Him/Her

Personality: She is sweet and loves to help others. She can seem a bit cold to new people and she is often using sarcasm to answer questions and make jokes.  She is enjoying being with her friends and loves to make bets and win competitions. She is very protective of family and friends. She also has a huge temper from her Egyptian mother.

Good Habit(s): She drinks a lot of tea and would rather be outside then being locked in a room. She also plays a lot of different sports.

Bad Habit(s): She often pushes herself too hard to training because of her perfectionist of a father and is often sleeps at the most ridiculous times.

Like(s): She likes sports, swimming, animals, her friends, the host club, diving and singing.

Dislike(s): Mean peoples, hospitals and needles.

Hobbies: All kinds of sports, studying, playing kinds of music instruments and ridings.

Fear(s): Losing her family and being alone.

Strength(s): Snow, mountains, water and big heights.

Weakness (es): None.

Special Powers/Abilities: She can learn almost everything in a short amount of time.

Extras: She also knows hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, bow and arrows and Katana's.

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: She wishes to travel the world doing extreme sport and saving animals.

Occupation/Job: In her spare time she works on an animal shelter and a smoothie bar.

Best Class (es): History and sport.

Worst Class (es): Math.

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Akira (father) Nephthys (Deceased mother).

Sibling(s): Hiku (half-brother).

Relative(s):  Grandpa Yami (mom's side), grandma Isu (mom's side), Uncle Otem (mom's side) and grandpa Utaro (dad's side).

Pet(s): She has a white and black horse in Egypt at her Uncles.

Best Friend(s): Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh.

Friend(s): Mori, Hunny, Kaoru, Hikaru, Kyoya, Haruhi, Tamaki and Umehito Nekozawa.

Crush (es):  Because of her sarcasm she isn't very good to know her feelings even though it's obvious Tamaki and she is in love.

Rival(s): None.

Enemies: None

Ouran High School Host Club Information

Do you go to Ouran Academy?:  Yes but before I started on Ouran I went to Lobelia Academy.

If not, which school do you attend?:

Are you a part of any clubs? If so, which one?: Host Club.

Do you have any knowledge of the Host Club? Are you a part of it?: Yes she is the Athletic and daring type.

Class: 1A.

Favorite Subject: History.

Least Favorite Subject: Math.

Status [wealthy, poor, etc.]: She is actually wealthy but is being a commoner in Ouran Academy.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: Catrina is very feminine and mature in her looks and it's hard for her to hide her breasts. She has long strait white hair. Her skin is a healthy light tan color with a bit pink on her cheeks and it will be dark pink when she blushes.

Blood Type: A+.

Height: 5 feet 8 inch.

Weight: 120.

Outfit(s): School uniform: Black blazers, black tie, white dress shirt and black shoes with a black and silver belt with chains. Free time: Knee length blue jeans, a creme colored top, black ballerinas and a black see through cardigan. She is often seen playing cosplay with the Host club.

Accessories: She often has a big black sports bag with her to all her sport things, a black and silver or gold belt with chains.

Makeup: None except for lip gloss.

Scent: She smells like tea and lavendel.

Hairstyle(s): In school she has her hair in a ponytail at the nape at her neck with a few strands to frame her face. In her free time she has her hair free.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings:  She has a gold cartilage piercing on her left ear and three small rings and is often wearing hoop earrings. She wears a Egyptian gold necklace as well as gold bracelets.

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: Troublemaker by Olly Murs ft. Flo rida.

Favorite Food(s): Noodles, sushi, pizza and fruit salad.

Favorite Color(s): Silver, Gold, red and black.

Favorite Number(s): Number 1.

Favorite Season(s): Summer.

Favorite Holiday(s): Summer break.

Favorite Time of Day: Sunrise.

Theme: The sign of Isis with a red rose wrapped around.
The OC Catrina is mine an every detail is also mine please don't steal.

The template is made by Yumiko12345 and can be found here [link] :D

Credit goes to the real owners of Ouran High School Host Club!
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